Crypto Broker Certificate / Certification Services

Order Execution Certification

  • Provide your brokerage with an added layer of transparency by highlighting the quality of trade executions
  • Show your customers that they are receiving fair and transparent pricing
  • Get a special offer with the Crypto Conduct Authority membership

Dispute Resolution Services

  • Traders can file a complaint to Crypto Conduct Authority. However, they have to contact their broker first.
  • The process of investigation takes not more than 5 days from the moment the dispute was received.
  • The collected information and documents from the trader and broker will be used for making a decision.

Compensation Fund

  • Insurance for the clients of our members if the member refuses the decision.
  • Based on Crypto Conduct Authority Commission decisions after a dispute by a client.
  • In case of a lack of funds the available amount will be evenly distributed among all applicants.