ATP Markets Completes Its Trading System and Prepares for Its Launch

With months of work, the team has also made it possible to introduce trading signals on the platform. These signals will allow traders to know which assets they should purchase and which ones they should sell.

[4th October 2022] – [Ajeltake Island], [Marshall Islands] – Several months of nonstop work by the team finally reaches its end as ATP Markets completes its trading system and prepares it for a big launch. The platform will be made available to traders in multiple countries of the world at the same time.

ATP Markets

Pursuing the dream of creating a high-tech trading platform that automates certain processes, improves trader success, and offers confidence of trading eventually reaches its conclusion through the completion of this trading system by ATP Markets.

Expressing his gratitude at the launch, the CEO of the company, Ronnie Jackman said, “You know what’s amazing? What’s amazing is that at several occasions, we just thought we couldn’t do it and lost all hope, but we gained new elixir the next day and started doing the supposed impossible.”

The world of online trading is already well-populated with hundreds of platforms that offer trading services to people all around the world. In these times, it has already become a challenge for most emerging companies to stand out from the crowed and claim their own and unique position.

All new work resembles the old work and thus a lot of new platforms start looking stale and old as soon as they are launched. According to the officials at ATP Markets, they were never aiming for cosmetic changes and aesthetic deception. They wanted to come up with something functionally unique.

Several options on their platform are an attempt to give traders something different and more optimized. One such feature is the automation of certain repetitive actions on the platform. Through their automation, traders will save time every day and get time to stay focused on trading.

Customization and personalization were also two main goals the team behind the platform had been aiming for since the start of the project. The achievement of this goal is evident from the fact that traders will be able to personalize their dashboards and a lot of other features on the platform per their preferences.

“You might think personalization isn’t a big deal, but let me tell you it’s a bigger deal than most other features new traders crave. Your performance is enhanced dramatically as a trader when you can see things the way you naturally understand them faster, and that’s just we have tried to achieve”, said Ronnie Jackman.

On the new trading system, some of the features that are conveniently found on other platforms have also been improved. An example would be the trading platform that is universally compatible on all computer and mobile devices, as well as operating systems in use today.

Traders can use a demo account to understand how the system works, but will have to choose from multiple account options to start trading live and in real-time. The trading accounts have been segregated based on deposit limits and the availability and non-availability of certain features.

Quick trade execution was one of the aims and was achieved by the team by bringing down the speed of transaction to just micro seconds. The benefit of this feature allows traders to trade in near real-time without any changes to the prices that they are seeing on their screens.

The overall system will give traders access to multiple resources in addition to the trading software and tools. They will also be able to take advantage of free education on this platform. Webinars, eBooks, and videos will be the primary source of education for most traders.

With months of work, the team has also made it possible to introduce trading signals on the platform. These signals will allow traders to know which assets they should purchase and which ones they should sell.

To accommodate both, new and seasoned traders, a list of assets that consists of more than 100 tradable instruments and nearly 6 asset classes has been added to the platform.

Contact Information

Email – [email protected]
CEO – Ronnie Jackman
Website –
Phone number – +44 020 4837 6911

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