Green Time Investment – The Disturbing Issues with the Broker

These disturbing issues make it apparent that Green Time Investment is a scam brokerage that you need to reject right away.

Green Time Investment

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If you are planning to trade in the financial markets, you will be required to open an account with an online broker. While the process is not very complicated, you should bear in mind that the real challenge is finding a brokerage first. It should be easy, given that there are thousands of brokers in the market, but choosing one from so many options is easier said than done. You will be left confused and unsure because many of them have similar offerings, but they might turn out to be the same. Some can be polar opposites, as you will see in this Green Time Investment review.

Sure, there are good and bad companies in every market and industry and the same applies here as well, but there are also fake brokers that are out to get your money. They are established with the sole purpose of stealing funds from as many people as possible and in order to do so, they pose as genuine brokers. Their websites can be quite convincing, enough that you will not be able to identify a scam at first glance. It can take some research for you to find out if there are any disturbing issues that indicate something is fishy with the brokerage.

You have to be prepared to invest in the time and effort required for this purpose because it will affect your bottom line in the long run. One of the brokerages you will come across is Green Time Investment that is presented as a simple brokerage that offers you access to forex, stocks, commodities, indices and stocks in one place. It claims to offer you an intuitive platform for your trading needs, along with great security. The most notable offering is the low commissions and competitive trading conditions that will immediately grab your attention.

All of this would be great if it were true, but when you do some research into Green Time Investment, you will find some disturbing issues with the broker. What are they? You can go over them here:

Green Time Investment website

The anonymity

The first disturbing issue that you will discover about Green Time Investment is its anonymity. The online broker you sign up with will be responsible for protecting your funds and your personal information, so it is implied that you want to know the company properly before you give them this huge responsibility. You need to know that they are authorized to offer you their services and can offer you security, transparency and quality services. All of these are qualities of licensed and regulated brokers, but Green Time Investment does not fall in this category.

When you go through the Green Time Investment website, you will not find any information about where it operates and no genuine firm would ever be so opaque. You have to dig deeper in its Terms and Conditions to find out that it complies with the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. You would think this would help with the broker’s credibility, but the fact is that there is a reason why Green Time Investment has made so much effort to hide this fact.

SVG is actually an offshore zone that has developed a reputation of being a haven for scam operators. This is mostly because its financial authorities have outright stated that they do not regulate the forex industry, which means brokers established there are not accountable to anyone and can do whatever they like. This has helped fraudulent brokers flourish in the offshore zone and why it means that Green Time Investment has absolutely no credibility.

The bonus problems

The second disturbing issue that you will come across at Green Time Investment is the fact that it is offering trading bonuses. Sure, it sounds lucrative because who does not enjoy getting things for free, but is really anything available for free? Of course, there is not and this also applies to trading bonuses. They always come with strings attached and since these conditions are often meant to exploit traders, they have been banned by a lot of regulatory bodies.

Therefore, the availability of bonuses does not bode well for a broker and Green Time Investment has only added more proof that it is a fraudulent platform via its bonus policy. As mentioned, bonuses have strings attached and the policy dictates that traders have to achieve a certain turnover to be able to make withdrawals. You cannot withdraw the bonus, or any profits until you meet this requirement. The problem is that Green Time Investment has deliberately kept the turnover requirement so high that it cannot be achieved.

As it is not realistic, you are unlikely to reach it, which means Green Time Investment gets to keep your money.

Lackluster trading platform

The disturbing issues continue to pile up as you continue researching Green Time Investment and its trading platform is also one. You would expect to have access to a powerful and advanced trading platform that has innovative tools and functionalities because this is what the brokerage promises. What does it deliver?

Instead, you are given a lackluster and unproven web trading platform at Green Time Investment that is commonly available on many scam platforms and does not go beyond the very basic features and tools. It is nowhere close to the MT4, or the MT5 that are considered the industry-standard.

Poor trading conditions

The trading conditions that Green Time Investment has put together are disturbing enough to convince you to drop the brokerage as an option altogether. After all, the spreads it is offering are as high as 3 pips. This is three times more than what most of the average brokers will offer and competitive ones can go even tighter on the spreads.

As for leverage, the ratios are as high as 1:100 at Green Time Investment, which might be exciting, but given that leverage is a two-edged sword that can multiply your losses, it is not in your interest to have access to these levels.

Ending Thoughts

These disturbing issues make it apparent that Green Time Investment is a scam brokerage that you need to reject right away.

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