JP Crypto Launches a New Innovative Platform

JP Crypto specifically states that the rollout of their new products will not affect existing features, functionality, and a variety of financial instruments and investment plans.

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JP Crypto is answering the call of the time and wants to significantly expand its current lineup of financial products to add cryptocurrency trading and introduce new financial instruments to its clientele. The decision should not only create new investment opportunities for existing partners but also attract new customers interested in trading trending digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Despite the current situation in the market following the significant contraction in May, the company still believes that there is potential in deploying crypto-related products. With the increasing interest from global corporations in web 3.0 ideas and the undeniable trend among entertainment brands to tap into the NFTs space, it is only logical for JP Crypto to deepen their foray into the crypto domain.

The management of JP Crypto states: “we believe that the prospect of growth is more than enough to justify a significant shift in our corporate politics and introducing a product lineup that corresponds with the demands of our clients. Traditional investors are interested in diversifying their portfolios with anti-inflationary assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum to hedge against fiat money. We want to allow our retail traders and long-term investors to tap into this market.”

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Specifics are already known

The focus on cryptocurrencies will most certainly allow retail traders to change how they approach trading in general. It is a well-established fact that cryptocurrencies are more volatile compared to traditional assets. However, the volatility can be a big lure for scalpers, intraday traders, and investors interested in speculative instruments like emerging tokens and DeFi platforms that have yet to find their market niche.

JP Crypto plans to roll out a platform that will focus on multiple financial instruments:

  • Cryptocurrencies themselves can be bought on the spot platform. Low fees and quick delivery are already announced as advantages.
      • Derivatives like perpetual futures will feature contracts for tokens with high market caps like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero.
      • Staking is a way to immediately invest your assets without moving them elsewhere and enjoying the convenience of instant currency conversion.

      The JP Crypto’s statement continues: “our highest priority is to deliver a convenient service to thousands of active retail traders working on our platform. The world of cryptocurrencies may look intimidating with its strong emphasis on technology and foreign concepts, but we are here to help our clients transition seamlessly.”

      The deployment is set to take place in the nearest future and will immediately attract users as predicted by internal research conducted by JP Crypto in preparation for the release of their new products. Multiple surveys involving their most active clients demonstrated that investors are interested in using products that will allow them to trade various cryptocurrencies.

      Current clients won’t be affected

      JP Crypto specifically states that the rollout of their new products will not affect existing features, functionality, and a variety of financial instruments and investment plans. The new product lineup is exclusively directed at the audience of retail traders interested in working with crypto, but it also allows traditional investors to explore a new ecosystem that has been dominating the public discourse for several years.

      All financial instruments related to web 3.0, blockchain, and crypto will be traded using the same trading terminal without any significant changes. New features will certainly interest power users, but people who are not interested in customizing their trading experience will not notice any differences and continue trading any asset they like.

      However, you should be aware of the fact that the new product requires traders to have a crypto wallet if they want to withdraw tokens. Otherwise, clients may convert their coins to fiat currencies and withdraw earnings using familiar methods.

      The important announcement is that the trading platform will continue offering margin trading accounts and expand the scale to cover any orders for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, and any other cryptocurrencies. If you want to use borrowed funds to trade more aggressively, you will have an opportunity to do so!

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      CEO: Kurt C. Wile


      Phone number: +352-665-8684

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