GensMarkets – New Crypto Trading Platform Has Finally Reached Completion

With the new platform created by GensMarkets, traders will get analyses more focused on cryptocurrencies. "Our new platform does not take away the possibility of trading in forex, stocks, indices, and commodities."

Why does price slippage happen when trading cryptocurrencies?

Owing to the increasing demand of crypto trading around the world, GensMarkets had started working on its own crypto trading platform some time ago. The recent announcement from the company ensured the completion of its platform.

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The ultimate goal according to the early statements from company officials was to come up with a platform that was specifically designed with crypto traders in mind. While it was going to include other trading avenues as well, but the main focus was always going to be crypto trading.

The team behind the brand always thought that most trading platforms on the market were designed at a time when cryptocurrencies were not even known. Hence, the many features they offer don’t bring any value to traders who are specifically interested in trading digital currencies.

“Our new platform does not take away the possibility of trading in forex, stocks, indices, and commodities. However, it has been designed with crypto traders at the center of the concept. Along the way, we had to make many more changes and improvements than we had initially expected,” said Eddie Jackson, the CEO of GensMarkets.

 According to the team, one of the major overhauls was required at the side of trading conditions. Most platforms come with leverages that are offered on forex currency pairs, stocks, and commodities. These leverages are huge and can’t be practical in the cryptocurrency trading world.

The idea for the team was to come up with a platform where leveraged crypto trading was possible within realistic boundaries. They had to change the entire system because the packages that they already had available were designed with big leverages more centered on forex, stocks, indices, and commodities.

In the previous versions and most other trading platforms that exist today, the trading tools are also more toned for conventional markets. Most of the signals and analyses come from markets that are focused on conventional tradable instruments, such as stocks and forex.

With the new platform created by GensMarkets, traders will get analyses more focused on cryptocurrencies. At the same time, they will get crypto trading signals that come from third parties that are not just focused on crypto trading but also considered reliable.

Trading education was one of the major concerns for the company and it also took the most amount of time. While the trading academy from GensMarkets was already brimming with tutorials, videos, and eBooks on various basic, advanced, and professional trading concepts, there was nothing specific to crypto trading.

The CEO said, “It took us a tremendous amount of time to find, gather, and sequentially arrange training material specifically focused on cryptocurrency trading. We had no intentions of filling our trading academy with subpar material from non-professional writers. We are happy for what we have got in the academy for our crypto traders now.”

How many assets they can trade in the crypto market is a huge concern that many new and experienced traders have. Bitcoin trading is commonly available on other platforms, but most traders are now interested in exploring more avenues within the cryptocurrency market.

GensMarkets has populated its asset index of cryptocurrencies with many new digital coins in addition to Bitcoin. Ethereum is on the list along with some other digital coins, such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Dogecoin, etc.

The company will also be considering the possibility of including NFTs trading on its platform in the coming times.

Eddie has nodded to this forecast by saying, “We are not in favor of boundaries and limitations. We will go as far as things go to bring our traders what they really like. Our team has already started working on the basic foundation that will be used to accommodate NFTs trading on the platform. Now, it’s just a matter of time before you might receive good news on that too.”

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