Press Release

Tigersfm Just Announced Access to Cryptocurrency Trading on Its Platform

“Nothing brings us more joy than giving our traders exactly what they are asking for. We had been patient for a long time since we were working on this project of bringing cryptos to our trading system. I can’t help but smile at how happy I am for giving our traders a gift”

Libre Holdings Launches Next Generation Trading Platform

The variety of investment options is quite rich with options ranging from spot market trading to leveraged margin trading using derivatives. There are many ways for traders to participate in the market meaningfully and achieve consistent profitability.

TradeVision365 Rolls out Its New Trading Platform Focused on Crypto

TradeVision365 promises to continue developing new features and expansions to ensure that the platform is regularly updated. This effort is a serious commitment backed up by the influx of new retail traders and thousands of existing customers shifting their trading patterns...

Binetrix, The New CFD Brokerage Brand, Announces Launch

Binetrix helps clients achieve the best order execution for digital assets, who need the highest operational standards, low transaction costs, transparency, custody solutions, and other services, such as lending and staking. Also, the education program offers a variety of...

Genesis Exchange Launches New and User Friendly Crypto Trading Platform

Genesis Exchange emphasizes the importance of introducing new products gradually. At the moment, the proposition is relatively limited compared to what CEX platforms already have, but Genesis Exchange is interested in expanding its presence and the product line.