Press Release

CRYPTOS SEED Launches a Prime Brokerage for Digital Assets

"We have put in our tireless efforts in the establishment of an integrated seamless global trading venue, the purpose of which is to enable institutions and individuals in the acquisition and disposal of digital assets." CEO Jean Renfrow

Trezo Capital Launches a Game-Changing Crypto Trading Platform

Trezo Capital explicitly states that the new platform will be focused solely on cryptocurrencies and derivatives based on them. This shift will come at no expense on the part of clients who are already engaging with other products offered by the company.

IGI Markets – Crypto Conduct Authority Announces IGI Markets As Newest...

IGI Markets status as a certified Fx&CF Member of the Crypto Conduct Authority took effect on the 30th of August 2021, following the certification process being finished after 30 days from application, thus supporting the broker and its client traders with access to a variety of...

ExternalCoins Launches Advanced Crypto Trading Platform

One of the biggest announcements from the company was that it will continue the support the platform indefinitely to regularly introduce new updates, fixes, and features to create a great customer experience for the market participants.